I started attending about 3 months ago based on someone's recommendation. I can't express the warm welcome I received from the students and instructor, Hezi. The classes are very intense, challenging, and have pushed me harder than I thought possible. My intentions were to improve on overall fitness and gain new skills that I wanted to learn on a holistic level to better myself. I find myself feeling very grateful to be part of this studio after every session. Thank you.

Will B.

I've been coming to classes here for about a month or two and I've already learned and accomplished so much. Classes led by Hezi, Gabby or Shane are always packed full of valuable information. I decided to try it because it's a great workout and for me, anything is better than running... But you learn so many different self defense techniques, and great forms of martial arts like Jiu jitsu, Judo and kyokushin Karate. I highly recommend this studio for all children and adults.

Daniel B.

My kids, boy 11 and girl 7, just started about two weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! My daughter has picked up so much already, and love Hezis class, he is a no nonsense but extremely patient and knowledgeable instructor. My daughter runs to get her uniform on and eager to attend classes! My son is in the teen class, and struggling a bit, cause he's so new to it, and most kids in his group have been taking classes for awhile, but there is usually two instructors in his class, and one is always guiding him along and showing him the proper moves. I know that both kids will only get stronger, and catch up in no time with the awesome instructors here! My only regret is not having my son start younger!

Angela B.

I have known Hezi for many years. I have entrusted in him and his instructors the self-defense teachings and awareness of Dennis Hisardut fighting system to my entire family, and could not be more satisfied and happy with what Hezi has brought to this country from ISR. He empowers one's self. I see it in my own being, my wife and my children.
He is exceptional. And so is the system comprised of JJ, Judo, Striking, weapon defenses and so much more. If you are seeking a complete martial art discipline that is well-rounded, built on respect, applicable to real-world situations and suited for anyone young or old - you must visit the Israeli Martial Arts Academy. Thank you Dr. Dennis Hanover, Guy Hanover, Hezi Sheli and all the instructors. This will change your life.


The best.

The Dennis Survival System is the best martial arts system to prepare you for our crazy world. With a focus on real world scenarios, situational awareness and fitness Hezi has the complete package to truly train you in self defense. DSJJ trains stand-up, ground, weapons defense and offense. Could not be happier, my wife and I have been training with Hezi for 3 years and have never felt stronger. If you want to be prepared for the many things life can throw at you, this gym is the place. Come and challenge yourself and improve yourself mentally and physically.

Zak E.

I was looking for a sports class for my kids, that will build their stamina, will give them the ability to self-defense, and endorse their self-confidence. I found it all and more in "Israeli Martial Arts Academy". Hezi, the owner, and his amazing staff do a great job, and there isn't any kid that left behind.
After all, we are here to support and give our children the best we can. In this case.. done!

Ron G.

Our preteen kids (one boy, one girl) have been going to The Israeli Martial Arts Academy for 3 1/2 years, and they love it. We drive all the way from Ventura (usually) twice a week. If this wasn't a top notch learning experience, believe me, we would have stopped going long ago and found something MUCH closer. This speaks volumes to the quality of instruction, and the level of caring Hezi and his staff have for the students. Hezi is a role model for the kids, and takes a true interest in his students' lives and well being.
Hisardut Ju Jitsu, the discipline this gym teaches, is a combination of ju jitsu, karate, and judo. It is based on REAL LIFE self defense. It is heavy on the martial, light on the art. No flowing movements here. Students must earn their belts; This isn't a "take more dough" gym. Kids (and adults) learn how to avoid a fight, but protect themselves as necessary. This includes disarming an attacker with a bat/stick, knife, as well as a gun (rubber implements used in class, of course). This isn't just a good gym workout, they are truly learning life skills to protect themselves. Super controlled and safe environment, and the kids get along and always support each other.

Michael G.

I have been training on and off with Hezi and the rest of the Dennis Hisardut fighters for the past few years now.

There is NO OTHER system that can give you a full body and mind workout, along with teaching valuable life/survival/self skills. This system is literally designed to work with any type of person, no matter the age, and will only benefit you as a human being. This is a system that I recommend to absolutely anyone who is looking for either a confidence booster, or just to learn how to protect yourself and the ones you care about. I have heard only great things about this program because it really is that good. Hezi does a fantastic job, real professional, who only wants to see you succeed and become a better person. TRY IT OUT! OSS!

Tolly A.

Words always seem to fall short of describing the experience I and my family have had at the Israeli Martial Arts Academy over the years.

I have been training here with my sons since shortly after the opening of the facility, and I've seen the place grow into the family that it is today; A place filled with sweat, strength, smiles and spirit.

Head instructor Hezi Sheli has truly had a profound impact on my life and on the lives of my loved ones. His mentorship has endowed me with a physical, mental, and emotional strength that I never knew before. And I see my young boys grow and learn from the environment Hezi has created, becoming strong, caring and responsible people under his guidance.

Hezi's unique style of instruction transcends that of martial arts as others may understand it. This place really is different! There are classes suitable for all levels (the young and the old, the beginners and the advanced), and the experience that Hezi brings as an instructor instills in his students a feeling of trust, safety, security and confidence that can be a rarity in this life. Every day students leave not wanting to leave. Feeling that they've accomplished something that perhaps at one time seemed unattainable. Feeling elated. Feeling empowered.

This is a place that must be experienced first-hand. Only then will one fully understand and appreciate the growth and transformations that take place here.

It is a place that that I'm both happy and proud to call my home.

Gabriel G.

The owner and head instructor, Hezi, is a more then a top-tiered instructor in terms of teaching students the essentials of practical self defense in today's modern world. He is also a life coach and an extremely positive role model for children whereby emphasizing commitment, personal responsibility, honor, respect, and self confidence.

I could not think of another instructor that I want training my son. This gym is more than a gym; it is place where children can learn to become responsible and confident adults."

Yeti H.

If you are looking for a place that will change your kids life and yours- you found it!

There will be no nonsense when you go on the mat, and no kidding around. You or your child are there to learn actual and practical ways to defend yourself, get in shape, follow what you are instructed, and learn to respect your friends and instructor.

Hezi is amazing with the kids, full of patience, and respect, covered with roughness they all adore.

The system being taught has proven itself in many cases around the world, and once you try it- you'll see how effective it is.

My Kids Love It!!! And I'm considering joining the Academy as well!

I'll recommend it to anyone who is serious about martial arts.

Ayelet G.

Sasha's Training Experience!


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