Alex Hirman



Alex was born in the Soviet Union country of Moldova and immigrated to Israel with his family when he was 12 years old. After living tough life under Soviet regime, constantly fighting and harassed for being a Jew, growing up in Israel changed his life, especially when at the age of 15 he began practicing the original Krav-Maga system in Israel under its founder Imi Sde-Or. He earned his Black Belt after 8 years and continued to serve in the IDF.

In 1996 his wife, whom he met in the military and married now for almost 25 years, encouraged Alex to resign from service and proceed to earn a higher engineering degree, which he did. And so in 2000 Alex was invited to come and work in California for a Biomedical research foundation in Valencia. He changed many jobs since and had five kids.

Alex and Hezi Sheli met in 2009 after Hezi just opened his gym in Westlake Village. After hearing his background, Hezi invited Alex to join. Alex completed the 2nd IMAA Instructor Course in 2017. He also competed in many Championships.

For Alex, being an instructor and advancing in the system means a lot. Alex wants to teach people to be strong, be aware of their surroundings, be able to protect their loved ones, what’s dear to them and never give up on achieving their goals in life.


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